Time Eddy II comes to Wichita October 14-16. Featuring Peter Davison, Mark Strickson, Anneke Wills, Caitlin Blackwood, Terry Molloy, Stephen Thorne, Nabil Shaban, Bob Baker, Richard Franklin and John Peel. Plus Dominic Glynn Live! in concert! The Cranleigh Hall Cosplay Ball, A Guinness World Record Attempt, The Peladon Proposal Murder Mystery featuring Terry Molloy, Gaming, Kids entertainment and much more. Get your tickets today!

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Popular cosplay performer Mickie Grantz will be the director of cosplay at Time Eddy II. This year’s cosplay contest will be held throughout the afternoon on Saturday with final judging taking place during Black Orchid inspired Cranleigh Hall Ball. Contestants, and others who want to party, will dance, be merry and enjoy the festivities while the awards including a $100 cash prize for the overall winner will be awarded to the cosplay winners.

Contest Rules

Are you ready to show off your passions and hard work? Compete in the cosplay contest for a chance at prizes and the admiration of the community.

Hall Cosplay

Cosplay tickets will be given to each person in attendance. They will be handed out to the costume that they like the best throughout the convention. All contestants will turn in their tickets by noon on Saturday to be counted. Any solicitation for tickets, replication of tickets or stealing of tickets will be an automatic disqualification. The individual with the most tickets will be the Hall Cosplay winner. This does not require participation of the stage show.

Cosplay Contest Rules

1) Contestants must be registered attendees of the convention.

2) All props/weapons must be safety checked

3) Costumes must be able to go onto the stage and exit safely.

4) Costumes must be PG appropriate.

5) Music will be provided by the convention. We will not be able to change it for your entrance.

6) Groups over five will not be allowed.

7) You may not use your 60 seconds on stage to make any religious or political statements.

8) Please follow any reasonable directions from convention staff that are given.

9) Be courteous of other contestants and convention attendees. You can be disqualified for inappropriate behavior or fighting.

10) Please let the staff know if you plan on doing anything out of the ordinary. Do not throw anything, use pyrotechnics, acrobatics or any other unsafe behavior.

11) Any costume that has won a Masters Award or Best in Show is not to be used in this competition.

Special Rules for Categories

All contestants will be judged on Accuracy, Craftsmanship and Stage Performance. If your costume does not fit one of these categories, you can still compete for one of the others, however you will not get points towards overall for the missing categories.


Pictures of the particular character must be presented at the time of the contestant interview. Please have hard copies of these to present to the judges. They will be passed around and kept for the duration of the contest.


A majority of a costume for craftsmanship should be made by the person competing. If the individual wearing the costume is a model, than the creator of the costume is eligible to win the Craftsman Award. Pictures of the individual working on the costume must be available for the judges’ consideration. These should be hard copies, as they will be passed around and kept through the duration of the contest.

Stage Performance.

This is the “Play” in cosplay. Have fun, strike a pose. You have 60 seconds to make an impression. Keep safety in mind and let us know if you need any help or set up during the interview.

Children up to 13 y/o

All children competing will require permission from a legal guardian to compete. Children are allowed one adult to attend them through the interview and stage show.

Beginner vs Master

A beginner is an individual who has not won more than two awards for their costumes and is not employed in the industry in which they created their costumes. If you have won more than two awards for any costume made by you, or you work in an industry that creates pieces for costumes (i.e. Seamstress, Fabricator, Cosmetologist) you will be considered a Master.